What are some best practices for engaging people who disagree with us?

Calculating the Probability of Jesus Fulfilling Prophecies. Being a Physicist AND a Christian. Pascal's Art of Persuasion.

How do we ensure that we're not living in an idealogical cave?

Advocating for the Christian Faith. How to Choose a Good Bible Translation. Does Dinosaur Soft-tissue Mean the Earth Is Young?

Physicist Dave Rogstad explains what factors led to faith in Christ

What Are the Biggest Faith Challenges on the Horizon? Why Music Moves Us. How Does Geology Point to God?

Are we running out of fossil fuels?

Here's a movie to watch with discernment and understanding

March 3, 2020

28:19 - Big Questions

Does the Earth's Magnetic Field Indicate a Recent Creation? Did Noah's Flood Really Cover the Entire Earth? Why We Pursue Monogamy in Marriage.

How does the doctrine of creation help us to understand God's love for humans?

Reconciling Science and Christianity. Who Were the Nephilim? Is Carbon-14 Dating Reliable?

What is the doctrine of creation ex nihilo and does the Bible teach it?

Does the New Testament identify a role for the Trinity in creation?

A game plan for engaging people with the truth of Christianity

Meaning in Music. Star Wars Apologetics. What Kind of World Does Science Need to Work? 

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