How the love shared among a trinitarian God makes all the difference

How has historic Christianity been a force for good in the world?

Does a Computer Algorithm Explain Life?

Were Adam and Eve "Specially Created"?

Why Does a Mathematician Believe in God?  Examining Origins of Life Theories 

Is Christianity true and also good for the world?

How does Christianity compare with other worldviews?

Why Does a Mathematician Believe in God?

Examining Origins of Life Theories 

Where Is God in a Coronavirus World?

Do Superhabitable Planets Exist?

What kinds of questions help identify a worldview?

Is there more agreement or disagreement among the branches of Christendom?

December 10, 2020

28:19 - God’s Mercy in Pain

Sharing Our Faith in a Hostile World 

Social Media and the Social Dilemma 

Can Our Universe Come from Nothing?

Why I'm Not a Theistic Evolutionist

How truth, beauty, and goodness inform discussions about ultimate issues

What do the three transcendentals tell us about God?

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