More evidences you can use for the resurrection

The Importance of Tragedy in Storytelling.  Are Pseudogenes Evidence for Evolution?

What kinds of evidence do we have for the resurrection?

What about the theory the earth is flat? Where is it coming from? Are these theories totally hoaxes? 

Do mass extinctions involve flora and fauna? Are they at different or the same time/event? 

Do 30-35 million year cycles occur because the earth gets out of its plain to the limits? 

How does the cloud cover of earth change? 

In the year 1400, there was a population of 350 million people. Today 8 Billion people. Is this a sign that Jesus will soon return?

Is there an estimate as to where the earth currently is in the extinction/speciation cycle? 

Why do Jews who can read Hebrew also have a young earth creation opinion, though knowing that Yom can mean a long definite period of time? 

Is increased CO2 production causing warming or is the sun just burning hotter? 

Is COVID19 slowing down climate change due to less industry and travel? 

June 25, 2020

28:19 - Beauty and Truth

Is It OK for Me to Have Doubts? Art as a Means to Truth

How to acknowledge differences while maintaining Christian unity

Some atheists claim that Christians are the propagandists. How do we answer that? 

Is there a good resource about cognitive biases besides perhaps The Intelligence Trap? What do you think of The Intelligence Trap? 

What role does fear play in propaganda? 

How can we encourage more openness to competing ideas within the university environment? 

How can you weed out bad data from good data? When you hear opposing views how do you know what is reliable and what isn’t? 

In today’s society, it feels like you have to pick one side versus another. What do you do when you end up 50/50 on a belief? 

Is propaganda always bad? Certainly during World War II the United States had its own brand of propaganda. I would imagine the best propaganda contains elements of Truth. How are we to sort that out? 

How would you recommend starting conversations between Christians who have deeply different political ideologies on how to be Christ like? In home groups? One on one? 

Didn’t Peter’s first sermon cause fear in his audience? And what’s the difference between speaking fearsome truth and terrifying in order to persuade? 

Are skeptics correct that Christians are hopelessly divided?

Tuned in a little late but Have you discussed the idea of the learning process within AI. Can it do a better job in performing a task "next time?"  

Would AI ever become smart enough to realize they no longer need humans like movies such as iRobot? 

Should we have AI judges who are designed to be impartial? 

How can we deal with AI creating fake video footage of people (i.e. deepfake)? 

As AI continues to advance, will robot wars be considered immoral? 

A team of women "computers" at Harvard in the early 20th century analyzed photographic plates enabling huge strides in astronomy. Jeff, has AI matched this feat? 




Puppies! What Animal Domestication Says about Human Uniqueness. Is Big Bang Cosmology in Trouble?

Books that challenge us intellectually can also serve us well

In the finding of Chitin in Sponge dated to time of Cambrian period, how was it entombed, were there protective mechanisms postulated? 

Are birds dinosaurs? i personally believe only the Avion ones evolved not the non Avion.  

If birds evolved from dinosaurs, how would the in-out respiratory function gradually transform into the one-way air flow of birds? 

Did you chuckle from Jurassic park flicks that had large dinos running fast enough to catch a jeep? seems biophysicists have determined that large dinos actually moved very slowly. 

Why is there only two options, 24 hr or millions of years? The bible also uses 1000 years as a day, "a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day".

There are many fossil pits in OregonGiven the rotten smell of the fields, is it possible that the dinosaurs that are more recent?  

Reading is part of what it means to be human

Science and Faith in a Pandemic. Sacrificial Love in a Self-Centered Society. Is There Geological Evidence for a Recent Global Flood?

Realistically how soon could we have a vaccine for COVID? 

Any thoughts re vaccine possibilities? 

I keep hearing that we are having a very bad flu season this year. How can that be if social distancing, sheltering in place, staying at home, masks, etc work? 


Christians who are distrustful of CDC and fear a one world agenda and as a result are promoting ideas similar to the pandemic video. How would you lovingly engage these brothers and sisters? 

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