Ethics in the Age of AI

What Is the Krebs Cycle Design?

Introducing ten contemporary influential philosophers

Responding to the Puddle Analogy

Does Quantum Mechanics Explain the Universe?

Pursuing truth, goodness, and beauty is worth it

Do some atheists want Christianity to be true?

Do Viruses Point to Design?

Philosophy of Existentialism

Is the new atheism on the decline?

Were the Biblical Authors Possessed?

Redundancy in Human Physiology? 

What are some ways fathers are critical?

September 9, 2021

28:19 - Reflecting on 9/11

Salvation in Christianity and Islam 

Did Genesis Borrow from Ancient Myths? 

How do fathers affect our view of God?

Kenneth Keathley traces intellectual history from premodernism to postmodernism

The Image of God and Disabilities

Phosphine in Venus's Atmosphere 

Theologian Kenneth Keathley discusses the historical relationship between Scripture and tradition

How Cave Art Points to God

Is There Conflict between Science and Christianity?

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