Scholar Community member and veterinarian Erick Thompson shares apologetic insights

May 21, 2019

28:19 Episode 65

Does Music Point to God's Existence? Trusting God in the Midst of Pain. Was There Rain before the Flood? What to Do with the Endosymbiont Hypothesis

Analyzing deGrasse Tyson's statement about purpose

May 14, 2019

28:19 Episode 64

Does an Ancient Universe Support Evolution? Is Earth Getting Warmer? Maintaining Christian Character Even in the Comments Section. Why Did You Become an Old-Earth Creationist?

What can evangelicals learn from Irenaeus?

May 7, 2019

28:19 Episode 63

Is Evangelism Wrong? Is the Bible Compatible with Science? Did People Really Live to Be 900 Years Old? Do Whales Impact Global Warming?

Augustine's writings provide reasons to take Christianity seriously

April 29, 2019

28:19 Episode 62

If God Created Us, Who Created God? What Is the Cosmological Argument for God? Why Did God Create Microorganisms That Can Cause Disease? When Did Humans Get the Image of God?

What insights does Pascal offer on the human condition?

April 17, 2019

28:19 Episode 61

Women's Role in the Resurrection. Earth’s Climate History. Do Christians Advocate for Blind Faith? Should We Use Antibiotics

Is it provocative that science works in a created world?

Why did God create a world with infectious diseases?

April 9, 2019

28:19 Episode 60

Why Do So Many Scientists Oppose Creation? How to Be Culturally Aware When Engaging Muslims. A Rational Christian Perspective on UFOs and Aliens. Does Life's Origin Require God?

Read books that inspire and transform

April 2, 2019

28:19 Episode 59

The Religion of Star Wars. Is Belief in God Irrational? Is Death a Result of the Fall? Is Raising Children with Religion Child Abuse?

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