How can we emulate the habits of Christianity's greatest thinkers?

September 10, 2019

28:19 - Escaping the Beginning

The Rise of Post-Truth. Overview of RTB's Origins of Life Model. Augustine's Views on the Creation Days.

How does the image of God inform discussions on transhumanism?

What Do Scientific Discoveries Tell Us about God? Does Religion Appeal to Only the Marginalized?. Does Quantum Mechanics Allow for Uncaused Events?
Christianity and Outrage Culture. Can Mass Murderers Go to Heaven? Overview of RTB's Human Origins Model. Is the Sun's Mass Finely Tuned?

What are the three main biomedical technologies that transhumanists hope will enhance humans?

What is transhumanism and what do its adherents hope to accomplish?

Is the Earth Flat? The Atheist's Greatest Objection: Suffering. Does the Universe Just Look Old?

Thoughts on belief formation with chemist Darren Williams

Who were the Inklings and how does their work inform Christians apologetics?

Response to Bill Nye's Critique of Creationism. Why Did God Wait So Long to Create Humans? Strongest Evidence for Christianity?

What apologetic lessons can we learn from J. R. R. Tolkien?

Theological insights to help enrich Christian experience

How Can You Link Faith with Science When Science Is Always Changing? Where Do We Get Our Beliefs? Does Transhumanism Diminish Humanity’s Value?

How do beliefs form? Interview with Steve Willing

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