Gaining theological and apologetics insights from early Christian thinkers

How Does Jesus Compare to Other Religious Leaders? How Christians and Muslims View Prayer. Can All Religions Be True?

Biblical Evidence for Old-Earth Creationism

The Historical View of the Creation Days

Scientific Evidence for Old-Earth Creationism

What was Lewis's apologetic and how can we use it today?

New movie about C. S. Lewis tracks his conversion to Christianity

How Did the Star Guide the Wise Men to Jesus?

Historical Adam and Eve and Race

How the incarnation provides comfort for weary human beings

Pagan Origins of Christmas

BioInspired Anti-icing Surfaces

Augustine's sexual ethics are consistent with science's neurochemistry attachment 

What Was the Christmas Star?

Discussing Thought-to-Text Technology

Ken describes a historic Christian worldview narrative and challenges to it

Joe Miller emphasizes caring for people in apologetic encounters

Are AI Researchers Creating God?

Creation's Connection to Salvation

Is there now a fourth branch of Christendom?

Why Care for Our Bodies If We're Going to Heaven?

Why Care for Our Bodies If We're Going to Heaven?

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