How Can You Link Faith with Science When Science Is Always Changing? Where Do We Get Our Beliefs? Does Transhumanism Diminish Humanity’s Value?

How do beliefs form? Interview with Steve Willing

What Is Knowledge? How to Determine If a Conspiracy Theory Is True or False. Is There an Apologetic Silver Bullet?

More insight from Christian scholars of the past to help our apologetic efforts today

Ethical Perspective on Gene Editing. Using Antibiotics Wisely. Addressing Christian Hypocrisy. Magnetic Reversals and Life on Earth.

What can we learn from Christianity's greatest thinkers?

Do All Religions Lead to God? How Long Were the Creation Days? Why Does the Bible Refer to God in Masculine Terms? Is the Immune System Designed?

Four tidbits of philosophical wisdom from David Naugle

Four useful theological quotes from an esteemed theologian

What's the basis for the dignity and equality of all human beings?

June 11, 2019

28:19 Episode 67

Reaching Gen Z. Why Would God Create Hominids? What Is the Image of God? Does Quantum Mechanics Support Eastern Religions

How can we reason through the common question of who made God?

June 4, 2019

28:19 Episode 66

Does the Bible Teach Us to Be Vegetarians? What Is the Old Testament Basis for Believing in the Trinity? The Inspirational Ministry of Johnny Cash. Should We Wipe Out Malaria?

Ken discusses turning points in his life and how God uses these for our Christian development

Scholar Community member and veterinarian Erick Thompson shares apologetic insights

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