Does the New Testament identify a role for the Trinity in creation?

A game plan for engaging people with the truth of Christianity

Meaning in Music. Star Wars Apologetics. What Kind of World Does Science Need to Work? 

What about all the killing done in the name of Christ?

What Do Science and Scripture Say about the Universe? The Roots of Doubt. Is Jesus's Resurrection Believable?

Was Light Created in Transit? How Faith Impacts the Practice of Medicine. The Apologetics of Beauty. Death in Creation Evil?

Exploring salient considerations in a doctrine of creation

How do we avoid confirmation bias?

Is the Church Better at Creating Skeptics than Believers? Young Christians and Careers in Science. Do Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 Disagree? Why Don't We Eat Healthy?

Does God care about what we eat?

Does science come with worldview presuppositions?

How do we think critically and act responsibly in an age of social media?

The Historical Case for Jesus. A Christian View of Santa Claus. What Was the Christmas Star

Evangelism for the Person or the Masses? The Search for Meaning. A Theoretical Physicist's Take on the Strongest Evidence for Christianity.

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